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Long Lonely Nights

out it.

The Apple Iphone Why?

If Lindsay Lohan had to sing on her personal merits, she may well be joining that lonely telephone.

Sunset Gun

It has been 50 years since she gasped her final breath on that lonely mattress with no bed frame her beautiful nude body just there, collapsed and unrestricted, that body all men (and women) yearned to cradle, ravage or revere.


Everybody at some point in time will start a family or think about it, and if we leave this step out, it can be an extremely lonely situation as others are spending time with their families.

Do Tell

Those last few months of your senior years are so busy, and of course I got lonely.

My Daily Kona: incompetent

Obama is feeling even more lonely and exposed.


d with almost instantly and after our first session I was cooling down and was overcome by emotion and energy and spoke out loud I m so lonely for the first time in years? I m old enough to see what s coming but young enough to know it s not too late. Everyone else is lonely too, I guess.


A black and white New York under a constant rain is the protagonist of the novel, where lonely humans cross the streets, enter the subway, walk anonymously inside and outside while being haunted by the falling water.

marcosnogueiracb (Marcos Nogueira) | DeviantArt

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I d rather have you, cursed or not

What if Supernatural is just a story being written by a lonely writer who lives across the street from these two brothers? No one ever really spoke to him, or bothered to ask if he was okay, but one day his car broke down and the older brother came out and helped him fix it.

A Don s Life

It was, I have to say, almost unrecognisable,apart I think for the car park, where I spent many a lonely hour waiting in the car with a coke and crisps, while he propped up the bar (the kind of child minding which we took for granted then, but I.

How About Orange

The coffee shop is the best freelancers feeling lonely at their desks can just turn on a background hum of people talking and dishes clattering.


I had forgotten that was how I felt at the time that illustration and visual art (while I love them both) can feel lonely. In New York, without a shared studio (which can be expensive), spending your days drawing or painting in your apartment or outside in a park, it can feel quite lonely for someone who enjoys the company of others.

Morbid Anatomy: ephemera

The lonely.

Sacred Earth Newsletter Resources for Sustainable Living Fall 2014

(Writing can be very lonely at times.

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