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Someone inside the campaign needs to start talking about the issues that will set Ted Strickland above and apart from his Democratic colleagues and his Republican opponent.

Paris Is Burning

Each team then takes turns attempting to shoot ping pong balls into the opponent s cups. The first team to eliminate all of the opponent s cups is the winner.

If It Doesn t Suck It s Probably Not On Brah

At the same time, how glad am I that NY s opponent is not the Ravens.

J Popsicle (Jamie) | DeviantArt

Still, I m incredibly honored to have made it this far, and it ll be exciting to see what happens next (I won t know who my opponent is for round 4 until tomorrow), still, fingers crossed.

Matron Mill | Witaj, świecie!

The early place means you need to act first than your opponents and chances are you ll not have the advantage of reading your opponent s cards if you should resolve to raise, name or fold first.

Sports Injury Lawyers Toronto | Futerman Partners LLP

Conversely, the right to sue an opponent for an injury is much more unclear.


as you re doing it ironically, or to be an edgelord, or whatever As far as they re concerned, Jontron s real crime isn t being a racist fuckwit, but failing to maintain plausible deniability I just really find the fact that the creator of dragonball has stated that Goku canonically cannot feel any kind of love, just companionship , to be a extremely interesting fact Like, if his family died he d be like No! and then he d get over it fairly quickly as if they were only just acquaintances Same goes with the rest of his friends The series creator apparently doesn t like the anime s portrayal of Goku They always cast Goku as a hero, when in the manga he s really only saving people as a side bonus that comes with fighting a stronger opponent He doesn t purposefully go in to save anyone unless there is a fight happening at the scene Apparently Vegeta is the actual exception to his own species He actually genuinely loves his family, a rare trait only Goku s mother was proven to have whereas Goku is apparently lit.


Despite multiple hacks by the Russian government and a curiously timed Hey maybe there s evidence of wrongdoing on Anthony Weiner s penis computer (wait a week) No nothing on the penis computer and she still was the choice of hundreds of thousands more Americans than her opponent.

Ramona s Voices: women

He has threatened to send his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to jail.

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