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Creation Date:7/23/2017
Content:ceived from the directories that do accept it. One particular surprising mistake that is made by some, although not as widespread as spelling and grammatical errors, is an incorrect/broken hyperlink provided in the resource location. This area is meant to be the section where a reader will read a brief promotional segment about what you and your site provides and then to hopefully stick to the hyperlink to your website. However, on occasions errors are created in the URL. For example I have noticed a site with an URL such as spelt as . This is an apparent typo which many post directory owners will notice and right, nevertheless it is possible that a lot of site visitors and hyperlink popularity is being lost from directory owners who miss the error and accept the write up as is . Yet another error, and a single that is a pet hate of a lot of write up directory owners, is write up authors who do not study a internet sites terms of service and article submission guidelines prior to sub


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