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Creation Date:10/12/2017
Content:everywhere, believes that Fate is stalking him, and decides to change his identity in order to escape his destiny. He changes his name to Justin, adopts a new wardrobe, seeks out new friends, acquires an imaginary dog, all in the hope of avoiding Fate. His new, moody, self absorbed persona attracts attention, not all of it good, and Fate is not fooled at all. and you know what walks listen to me and i will set you free I will protect by ruling over you figures and numbers is nothing that you wanna do you dont like to be dumped on and you cant cope whit all the people always telling you what to do. CH: Just in case our solid loving shakes Just in case my music never brakes Verse3: Just in case you ware another face sign these papers before its to late in the beginning when everything s fine you think about me baby all the time Quarell here and a quarell there i think it happens everywhere you know maybe one day i might fall apart so sign your name on the dotted line. and you know what walks listen to me and i


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