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Creation Date:5/27/2017
Content:osey, Garnet Amethyst and Pearl (and STEVEN!) (and Connie.), Catelyn Tully now and always. I try to keep things as accessible as possible so feel free to let me know if there s anything more I can do! I tag for anything I m asked to tag for, and try to make sure there are warning headers on posts for common triggers (for anyone not using TS, reading from my main page, etc); if you need something tagged or if tagging isn t enough for certain triggers, definitely feel free to let me know!. If you re looking for a specific fandom tag to backread know that when I make original posts sometimes I tag with fandom name and sometimes I tag with fandom name tag because I m twitchy about the post showing up in people s tracked tags, haha. Pointing this out since I love backreading other people s fandom tags when I get into a new shared fandom and yeah. (Example: final fantasy vii AND final fantasy vii tag = a motley assortment of all my ffvii feels!). My url is named after my favorite ASOIAF char and my hopes that true


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