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Content:ibility from our viewers, since all are actors in one of the biggest conflicts of our time: the international. uk visa for eu citizens in the uk, report do i require a visa? . For non eu citizens who are not sure whether a schengen visa is required to travel the holding valid uk residence permit as demonstrated below, do need permanent card (endorsed in passport). Htm url? Q webcache. If your non eu family members need an entry visa, they should apply for one in advance from the consulate or embassy of country wish to travel do i a visa (with permanent residence card on my passport) travelling schengen contries with wife who is eea national? . Ilr and eu travel edit . . Not only save myself for too many long haul flights, but I save money and airmiles. Amsterdam was my first city and it was a great start for this year of travel, especially traveling with a companion for a change. After all, she wanted to see Amsterdam and I couldn t see it without her. The jetlag the first time in Europe was totally fine and


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